About This Is Healthful

We want you to accept your body and accept yourself first, which is essential to live your healthiest life. We are a team of registered professionals united and dedicated to you to commit, from this day forward, to support you as you take charge of your health.

In 2013, we started as an online platform. However, as of September 1st, 2017, we are proudly Canada's first Educational Prevention Clinic! As an Educational Prevention Clinic, we focus on balancing all the important health fundamentals that impact your day to day life. This includes health education to measure, prevent, manage or reduce health related conditions.

Our Name

This Is Healthful is a play on the common phrase this is helpful - you should try it!


This Is Healthful is committed to being a trusted source for healthful education on Healthy Habits, Essential Eating, Physical Activity and Mental Hygiene. This Is Healthful is a guide for connecting users to other health resources that we trust and that we share common values with.


We at This Is Healthful, want everyone to be confident in their health choices!


We are here to support the healthiest journey each individual can achieve within the lifestyle they choose.


Live Life In Your Body First


Owner and founder Cheryl Mason and our Practical Nurse Lisa talk about This Is Healthful.

Our Kinesiologist Ben and Dietitian Lauren 

discuss metabolic testing and nutrition.

Our Occupational Therapist Heather and Physiotherapist Scott talk about healthy aging.

Our Occupational Therapist Heather discusses occupational therapy and how it relates to mental health.

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This Is Healthful's Team

Our team at our Bells Corners location.