Personal Health Memberships for Athletes

This Is Healthful’s Personal Health Memberships are completely adaptable and customizable to meet all your athletic and performance needs. Whether you are looking to improve your sport performance, or simply trying to improve your health, our Personal Health Membership is right for you.

Here is how we can help!

Strength training


Strength training is vital for improving athletic performance. The key is to develop a program that is tailored specifically to your individual performance goals. Our Registered Kinesiologist and exercise professionals have all played competitive sports and have worked with and trained athletes ranging from high level hockey players to a national level trampolinist. Our team will help you create and implement a strength training program with a customized periodized approach to ensure you maximize your results! Use the Supervised Conditioning Sessions to review your exercises or ask us about our online options!


Endurance training


Our Registered Kinesiologist and exercise professionals are available to help you create and implement a program to improve your endurance. Work with us to create a tailored program to improve your performance, or break through a plateau to take your performance to the next level!

Injury prevention and treatment

Injuries often happen due to over-training or repetitive, poor biomechanics. Our Registered Kinesiologist and Physiotherapist will provide you the tools to prevent and treat any injuries as they arise. Our professionals have experience working with athletes from CrossFitter to triathletes and from shoulders to ankles, we are ready to help!

Mobility and flexibility training

In our daily life we remain in set postures for long periods of time, such as sitting at a desk at work. When we train, we may over-train in set postures, such as long duration cycling. Holding these postures creates muscle length imbalances and may impede optimal athletic performance. Our Registered Kinesiologist and Physiotherapist will assist you to develop a mobility and flexibility training program based on your movement patterns and restrictions to ensure that come competition day, you are moving your best!

Gait analysis


Moving correctly prevents injuries, requires less energy, and optimizes athletic performance. Simply record a video of you running or schedule a video appointment to have our Registered Physiotherapist provide you with modifications to maximize your movement and maximize performance. 


Sport specific dietary and supplement


Proper nutrition is essential for optimal performance and recovery. The market today is saturated with misinformation and gimmicks. Our Registered Dietitian and Kinesiologist have experience working with athletes and assisting them to optimize their nutrition and tailor a plan that is right for them. Have a question? Ask us, we are here to help!

Mental sport performance


Mental sport performance is often seen as a distant second to physical sport performance. But without the proper mindset, you may not be achieving your maximum potential. Our Mental Sport Performance Consultant will help take you to the next level. Topics may include goal setting, focus, motivation, performance planning, emotional control, imagery, dealing with relapses, plateaus, and more! You have the concern, we provide the support to help you succeed.

We are here to be your complete support team to help you achieve all your sport performance specific goals!

Have a specific concern or question?

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