Cheryl Mason


Cheryl has assisted with the expansion of health, fitness, long term athlete development in sports and the general public within Canada from local grassroots to International competitions since 2003.

Naturally, working within the health industry rooted very early for Cheryl from her love of playing sports but as years went by working within community centres, clinics and for Canadian sports it didn't feel as rewarding as working one on one with her clients.

The more health conditions she learned about in her extended education & while caring for clients the more she wanted to support individuals’ health priorities!
This Is Healthful was created because she saw so many gaps and positive opportunities in the health system; at the same time people were victims of too much misdirection. We are fortunate in Canada with our health system but it does not change the fact that society as a whole has been taught to be "reactive" with their health. "Prevention, Management, Control and Reducing when possible" is the direction TIH would like to educate Canadians on health.
In her position, the most rewarding part of her day is the joy that comes from a client when they have taken back being in charge of any part of their health, feel the relief by being correctly informed and when they learn how uniquely important they are.

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