Concussion Management & Rehabilitation

Our understanding of brain health and concussion management is growing as research and science evolve. Following a suspected concussion, an athlete should immediately be removed from play, assessed, and if a concussion has occurred, rested in order to facilitate their recovery. 

Any athlete at risk of head injury should establish a healthy baseline, which is the best way to know if the brain has fully recovered following an injury. A baseline test is conducted BEFORE an injury to understand what healthy brain function looks like, and these results are compared to results after an injury. This allows the healthcare team to understand how someone functioned prior to an injury, and monitor change to determine when someone has fully recovered and is safe to return to play. A healthy baseline should be established prior to the start of each season. 

The standardized assessment tool we use, BrainFx, evaluates cognitive and neurological functioning in multiple skill areas allowing for a comprehensive picture of all components of brain health that could be affected by a concussion.  Results can be used by healthcare providers to recommend when an individual is ready to return to specific and targeted activity programs for cognitive and physical recovery.

If a concussion is suspected or diagnosed and no healthy baseline results are available, BrainFx is a valuable tool to provide early intervention and treatment targeting specific deficit areas of brain functioning, as well as to monitor progress and recovery.  

Our Concussion Management & Rehabilitation program is customizable to include:

  • Comprehensive baseline testing using BrainFx

  • Post-injury assessment and written report comparing skills and functioning pre- and post-injury

  • A treatment program supporting skill building and return to play 

  • Concussion rehabilitation for chronic symptoms, including the impact of concussion on mental health 

  • Education for athletes, parents, and coaches on concussion prevention, management, and recovery

* Group and team rates and pricing options are available. 

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