Prevention is key when it comes to workplace ergonomics. Having a workspace designed to meet an employee’s unique needs can prevent injury or re-injury, and ultimately improve performance and satisfaction at work. 

Ergonomic & Accommodation Assessments: Our occupational therapist will gather information about an employee’s specific needs and concerns, assess and observe tasks performed throughout the day, and evaluate the workspace to ensure that the work environment is set up in a way that will optimize performance, prevent injury, and/or facilitate return to work. During the assessment, education about healthy work practices and adjustments to equipment and/or the environment will be completed as needed. A comprehensive report will include recommendations to improve function, productivity, and comfort and safety at work.

Injury Prevention & Physical Activity Programming: Prevention is key to a healthy workplace. Reduce employees’ risk of injury or reinjury in the workplace with customized exercises, stretching, and ergonomic support with our physical activity programming.

Group Education & Assessments: Get efficient and cost-effective support for your employees by having our team circulate through your workplace providing education, consultation, assessment, and strategies to more than one employee on the same day.

Ergonomics Lunch & Learn: Empower your employees with education and tools to improve their workspace and make simple adaptations to prevent injury and improve overall productivity and performance.

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