Fall Prevention

By your team of This Is Healthful Coaches

Reducing Your Risk of Falling

The fear of falling is a major concern for many older adults. Falls are the number one cause of fractures including hip fractures which may decrease your independence and quality of life. It is important to understand the warning signs as well how to minimize your risk of falling to prevent such events from happening.

Warning Signs              

Previous falls

Previous fall in last 6 months


Fear of falling

Anxious, focusing or fixated on falling


Medications/drug use

Sedatives, blood pressure pills, blood sugar pills, or many medications at once


Balance and mobility

Day to day difficulties including rising from a chair


Medical problems

Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia, depression


Vision problems

Blurred vision, double vision, difficulty seeing steps or walking in dim light

Prevention is the Key!

Improve Strength and Balance                        

Home Safety

Community Safety

Review Medication

Vision and Eye Health

Eat Healthy

Review Medication List

Know the side effects of your medication. Understand what to do in case you experience these symptoms.

Medications that help you relax, sleep or improve mood can increase risk of falls

 What to do:

  • Always follow instructions and doses

  • Use one pharmacy & ask about pill packs

  • Keep an up to date list of medications in your wallet and at home


Contact Lisa, our nurse, for more information - lisameeds@thisishealthful.ca

Eat Healthy

Low blood sugar caused by a poor diet may increase the risk of falling

Low blood pressure caused by a poor diet

may also increase the risk of falling

 What to do:

  • Eat a well balanced diet

  • including foods high in protein and high in fibre

  • Stay well hydrated

  • Consider a meal delivery service or use online shopping


Contact our dietitian Lauren for more information: lauren@thisishealthful.ca

Improving Strength & Balance

Increasing your strength will increase your confidence and balance during your daily activities

 What to do:

  • Strengthening

Sit to stand, bodyweight squats, stair climbing, push-ups

  • Balance

         Yoga, Tai Chi, balance exs

  • Endurance

Walking, biking, swimming, gardening,   dancing


Contact our kinesiologist Ben for more in- formation: ben@thisishealthful.ca

Vision and Eye Health

Eyes take time to adjust to changes in light and glare

More difficult to identify objects, or judge

distance especially at night

 What to do:

  • Keep rooms, stairs well lit and at a similar light level

  • Use nightlights and motion sensors

  • Wear sunglasses in bright environments

  • Increase contrast to the edge of stairs


Contact our nurse, Lisa, for more information: lisameeds@thisishealthful.ca

Home Safety

Falling at home while alone is a great fear for many independent living older adults

 What to do:

  • Keep floors, stairs clear and dry

  • Use non-slip rugs and mats and in- stall grab bars in the bathroom

  • Use caution when moving between different flooring and different lighting

  • Always use the hand rail with stairs,

mark the edge of the stairs


Contact our OT Heather for more information: Heather@thisishealthful.ca

Community Safety

Falling within the community is also a great fear for many older adults

 What to do:

  • Avoid wet and slippery surfaces.Use ice grips if needed

  • Use handrails where possible

  • Do not stand before the bus has completely stopped moving.

  • Wear proper footwear and use your mobility aide if needed

  • Take your time and rest when you are feeling tired or weak

  • Watch for uneven surfaces

  • Walk on well lit sidewalks


Contact our OT Heather for more information: Heather@thisishealthful.ca

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