Our Health Centre provides individualized care and treatment.

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For your convenience, you may book online. Simply download our app, "This Is Healthful Inc.", from your mobile app store and enjoy the ease of booking a time that is convenient for you! For Massage Therapy Services, click on Appointments and HH-Massage Therapy to book your appointment.

Massage Therapy

You deserve to have a say about your massage therapy treatment.

From pressure being applied, to music being played or even the type of lotion used,

we want you to be comfortable and informed to help you receive the most out of your treatment.

Massage therapy is about change and improving your health and self awareness. Swedish techniques are the most commonly used but there are additional modalities like stretches, fascia work and low grade joint mobilizations.  Deep tissue massage doesn't have to hurt to be effective, we will work with you throughout the treatment.  


Danielle Baker, RMT – Offers massage therapy that is tailored to suit your individual needs at each visit. She has taught a Massage Therapy program and has taken additional courses in head, neck and TMJ (jaw) pain management. Danielle has in depth knowledge of yoga and treats with a craniosacral approach. She has been told she has “the hands of an angel and elbows of steel.”

Please take note that appointment length does include an assessment, the treatment and self-care recommendations. We ask that you arrive early to complete paperwork so the length of your session is not affected.  We try our best to make sure as much of the session time will include the hands on portion of the massage! 

New Patient? Complete our new patient Health History Form ahead of time! If you prefer to complete the forms in person, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete them.

New Patient Health History Form

30 Minute Massage Therapy

30 minutes | $64.41 HST included

Excellent for a follow up appointment or a specific single area of focus.

45 Minute Massage Therapy

45 minutes | $79.10 HST included

Minimum recommended length for a first appointment, TMJ (jaw) massage and enough time to get the shoulder and neck worked before heading back to work on a lunch break.

60 Minute Massage Therapy

60 minutes | $103.96 HST included

Traditional length of a first appointment or consecutive treatments for clients who are looking for a general relaxation or require therapeutic focus on 3 or more areas.

75 Minute Massage Therapy

1 hour and 15 minutes | $128.82 HST included

Excellent and often the most effective length to have a full body blended massage with enough time to treat therapeutically and not leave you sore afterwards.

90 Minute Massage Therapy

1 hour and 30 minutes | $139.56 HST included

This treatment time allows for slow and gentle and yet effective work, this is a common suggestion for those requiring fluid techniques like lymphatic drainage, therapeutic work on much of the body with even more time to flush out the areas to prevent any soreness after treatment.  

15 Minute Inhouse Chair Massage

15 minutes | $21.18 HST included

20 Minute Inhouse Chair Massage

20 minutes | $28.25 HST included

25 Minute Inhouse Chair Massage

25 minutes | $35.31 HST included

30 Minute Inhouse Chair Massage

30 minutes | $42.38 HST included

Couples Massage Therapy Workshops

Private educational group workshops available. Email info@thisishealthful.ca for more information. 


There is a 24 hour Cancellation and No Show Policy for all booked appointments. No shows and last minute cancellations within the 24 hours will be charged at $25. Note that at anytime our Cancellation and No Show Policy can change and fees may be affected as well. A policy is standard and encouraged by the RMT registering body.  We thank you for your understanding. 



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