Mental Health


Did you know, according to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety significantly impact the economy? It is estimated that depression and anxiety cost the global economy US$1 trillion per year in lost productivity. In addition, for every $1 put into treatment and prevention for common mental health disorders, there is a return of $4 in improved health and productivity.

Mental health is increasingly prevalent and a growing challenge in the workplace, and it is becoming a top priority for more and more workplaces across Canada. Mental wellness in the workplace is a strong indicator of improved employee performance and satisfaction.


Take charge of mental wellness in your workplace with workplace mental health programming that is innovative, interactive, and engaging. We use evidence-based practices, the newest research, and clinical expertise to bring you and your employees the best services and supports available.

Return to Work and Reactivation Programming: Improve your employees’ success returning to work with our reactivation program that will support an employee from the time they’re off work until they successfully return. By setting manageable goals targeting physical, cognitive, or psychosocial concerns and using intervention strategies such as motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and anxiety management your employees will feel supported in all aspects of their daily life and more ready, willing, and able to return to work.

Functional Cognitive Assessment and Strategies: Support your employees’ cognitive strengths and address challenges in a comprehensive way with BrainFx. As a Certified by BrainFx Provider our occupational therapist will conduct a standardized assessment of your employees’ cognitive capabilities and provide strategies to manage concerns relevant to the workplace. This powerful assessment tool will improve work productivity by helping us offer targeted intervention strategies based on an individual’s unique cognitive profile and the demands of the workplace.

Mental Health Strategy Development: Build positive mental health in your workplace by establishing a workplace mental health strategy that reflects recommendations and standards from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and other key stakeholders. Together we can develop and implement innovative solutions to promote employee mental wellness.

Resiliency Training: Build your employees’ skills managing both personal and workplace stress. Feel more empowered to support one another and better understand stress in yourself and others.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): Equip your workplace with the World Health Organization’s standard for suicide intervention training so that you can have go-to resources and supports embedded within the workplace to help prevent and manage the tragedy of suicide. ASIST is a two-day standardized training developed to offer individuals the skills for brief, crisis intervention when suicide is a risk. ASIST is an opportunity to develop tangible skills in suicide intervention through lectures, activities, videos, and comprehensive practice. For more information visit

Crisis Management: A mental health crisis in the workplace can have a ripple effect on employees’ health and wellness, subsequently impacting performance, productivity, and satisfaction. Debrief with your employees following a crisis in a safe and structured way with guidance from our team. Crisis Management services will give your employees the space to deal with the after-effects of a crisis, and coping strategies to reduce the potentially long-lasting impact a crisis can have on an individual and workplace.

Customized Mental Health Training: Customize a training to meet your workplace’s unique needs. We can conduct a needs analysis to guide us to determine what would be most suited for your work environment, or tell us what you want and we can develop a program to fit what you’re looking for.

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