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Occupational Therapy

You deserve to fully participate in the aspects of day-to-day life that are most important to you, regardless of any barriers, limitations, or challenges you may face. 

Occupational therapy is a health discipline that believes optimal health and wellness are achieved through engagement in important, purposeful, and meaningful activities of daily life. Our occupational therapists are trained to understand, assess, and treat medical and physical limitations as well as psychosocial factors that affect your participation in everything you do at home, work, school, and in the community.

TIH’s Occupational Therapy Services Can Help With:

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Emotion regulation and stress management

  • Occupational stress

  • Chronic pain and chronic fatigue

  • Chronic disease management

  • Employment skills, return to work, and ergonomics

  • Home safety and accessibility

  • Cognitive functioning and memory

  • Brain injury and post-concussion rehabilitation

  • Sensory processing

  • Fine motor skills and handwriting

  • Physical rehabilitation

  • Caregiver education

Occupational Therapy Services will include:

  • Individualized assessment of occupational performance and functioning, during which the individual/individual and family identify and prioritize goals,

  • Customized treatment that focuses on improving function and performance of daily activities to reach an individual’s goals,

  • Outcome evaluation to determine if goals are being met, identify adjustments to maximize goal attainment, and establish next steps to maintain desired occupational functioning.

  • Remote services are available

Assessment Services

  • In-Home Functional Assessment

  • Workplace/Ergonomics Assessment

The occupational therapist will evaluate the relationship between an individual, their environment (either home or work), and important tasks and activities performed within the environment. Using standardized assessments and observations the occupational therapist will gather information about safety, accessibility, overall functioning, and task performance. During the assessment, education about healthy practices, and adjustments to the environment will be completed as needed. A comprehensive report will include recommendations to increase independence, improve function and productivity, and optimize safety.

Neurofunctional Assessment and Rehabilitation

The assessment tool we use, BrainFx, makes comprehensive measurement and tracking of your brain health easier and more accessible. As a Certified by BrainFx Provider, we can get a clear picture of your individual strengths and challenges using this powerful new assessment tool, suggest more targeted treatments and determine their effectiveness in helping to improve your quality of life. BrainFx is designed to be sensitive to mild to moderate dysfunction from brain disorders and more predictive of real life function. 

This is an excellent tool to provide a baseline measure of cognitive and neurological functioning, and offers information for early detection, diagnosis & treatment of neurological dysfunction. Following the assessment you will be provided with a full report. The assessment can be completed alone and the report provided to you and your health care provider. Or you can complete the assessment with us and we can use the report to generate recommendations and a treatment plan.  

Learn more about your brain health and BrainFx

Children and Adolescent Services

Occupational Therapy can support children of all ages by understanding and supporting development, including physical, cognitive, neurological, and psychological. Our occupational therapist will assist children and youth with learning and practicing skills needed to grow, gain independence, and achieve successes at home, school, and in everyday life.

Youth Mental Health Services

Adolescence and young adulthood is a time filled with changes, new experiences, and transitions. With these come evolving identities, values, and roles, new environments to interact both within and with, and a new and complex repertoire of daily activities and routines. For youth these changes can be challenging and stressful, and those with mental health and / or addiction problems face additional barriers to navigating this life stage.


Important roles and activities like being a student, employee, friend, family member, athlete, and more can become difficult to fulfill when struggling to manage mental health. For youth and young adults, the task of navigating this life stage and transitioning into adulthood requires many skills and competencies. Occupational Therapy will assess how mental health is interfering with performing important roles and activities, and treatment will focus on how to continue to participate in the most important aspects daily life while managing mental health.


Treatment strategies can include:

  • Learning and practicing problem solving skills, life skills, and communication skills 

  • Motivational interviewing and supportive counselling

  •  Crisis prevention, intervention, and wellness planning 

  • Task and environmental modifications 

  • And more…

Chronic Pain and Chronic Condition Management

Pain, fatigue, and other chronic symptoms can impact quality of life and performance of everyday activities. Occupational therapy services will target pain management to assist with restoring and maintaining function, and creating balance in self-care, productivity, and leisure. Comprehensive, standardized assessments will be used to develop a goal-based pain management plan to reduce the physical and emotional impact of pain, and maximize engagement in important and meaningful activities safely while managing pain. Treatment approaches include techniques to increase independence in day-to-day life such as energy conservation to perform daily activities with less pain and fatigue, chronic disease self-management, environmental modifications, activity modifications, client and family education, and more.

Mental Health Services

Mental health symptoms can interfere with the performance of important and meaningful daily activities. Our occupational therapist will assess an individual’s personal recovery, and skills managing mental health in his/her day-to-day life. Through this process individual goals will be identified, a treatment plan will be established, and progress will be monitored using evidence-based outcome measures. Treatment approaches include motivational interviewing, relaxation and mindfulness, emotion regulation, self-regulation, behavioural activation, supportive counselling, and more.

Military and Veteran Services

Our occupational therapist is a registered Blue Cross provider, and accepts referrals from the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada. We will work together with individuals, families, and other service providers to deliver comprehensive assessment and treatment that will consider physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges and traumas. We strive to help members and veterans achieve independence and participation in daily activities, whether goals are towards returning to duty, transitioning to civilian life, or finding meaning and productivity in daily civilian life.

Occupational therapy services can be funded through: auto insurance, Veterans Affairs Canada,

extended health benefits, WSIB, or private pay.

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