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At This Is Healthful, you have a team of health coaches whom are active, honest and empowering healthcare professionals. Your coaches are committed to providing healthful education and coaching based on our Four Pillars of Health:

Physical Activity, Essential Eating, Healthy Habits and Mental Hygiene


Your health is our priority. Working all under one roof, the coaches collaborate to provide you with a comprehensive and tailored program created with only you in mind.


We believe in focusing on your current lifestyle to provide realistic personal health education and progressive tools to help you achieve a healthy balance as well as instill and maintain healthy habits. 

Your membership includes coaching in:

Weight Loss

Physical Activity and Exercise


Healthy Aging

Weight Training

Work-Life-Health Balance

Injury Recovery/Prevention

Digestive Concerns

Pain Management

Mental Health

Healthy Eating

Chronic Condition Management

Pre- and Post- Surgery Rehabilitation

Exercising Safely

Pre- and Post- Natal Care

Brain Health

Improving Posture

Increasing Energy

Managing Life Transitions

Smoking Cessation

Improving Sport Performance

Sleep Training

Post-Concussion Symptom Management

Return to Work

And much more!

Our team is your COMPLETE health coaching support system!


No other program is as comprehensive for one set monthly price!

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Licensed to provide comprehensive treatment plans

for WSIB, Motor Vehicle Accident claims and Blue Cross Registered.

Extended health benefits direct billing available.

Accredited Weight Loss Grant provider.

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