Our Health Centre provides individualized care and treatment.

You don’t need to be a member to book health centre services, however, members enjoy a 10% discount.

For your convenience, you may book online. Simply download our app, "This Is Healthful Inc.", from your mobile app store and enjoy the ease of booking a time that is convenient for you!

For Physiotherapy Services, click on Appointments and HH-Physiotherapy to book your appointment.


You deserve to understand the diagnosis and details of your treatment plan.

To successfully complete your treatment plan, you need to understand what needs to be done. Following our full clinical assessment, you will receive hands-on, evidence-based treatments in order to complete your progressive mobility and strength-based treatment plans.

The Physiotherapists at This Is Healthful fill many roles: We provide education using evidence based practice; Address a wide spectrum of individual and public concerns using a blend of hands on therapy, exercise and education; Private appointments to address personal issues that usually bring people in to see a physiotherapist; Home visits for those who have difficulty making it into the centre.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

45 minutes | $80

Book your initial visit with our Registered Physiotherapist to help you get on track! Use this assessment to begin your Physiotherapy Mediated Exercise Sessions as well.

Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment

30 minutes | $60

Use this 30-minute appointment for your ongoing treatments by the Registered Physiotherapist. Not to be used as a follow-up for the Physiotherapy Mediated sessions.

Initial Neurological Physiotherapy Assessment

90 minutes | $150

Book your initial assessment with our neuro-physiotherapist to begin your treatment plan. Please call 613-828-8586 to book this appointment.

Subsequent Neurological Physiotherapy Treatment

60 minutes | $130

Use this appointment for your ongoing treatments with our neuro-physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy Mediated Program Follow-up

20 minutes | $30

The Physiotherapy Mediated Program is personal training provided by a Physical Activity staff member under the supervision of a Registered Physiotherapist. If you are in the Physiotherapy Mediated Program, use this appointment for your physiotherapy re-assessments to evaluate your progress.

You must book this appointment at least once every 6 weeks to be eligible to remain in the program. For more information, please contact Ben Leber.

Extend Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment

15 minutes | $30

Extend your Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment visit by 15 minutes. Perfect for the extra time required to address complex issues or multiple areas.

In-Home Physiotherapy Assessment

60 minutes | $100

A comprehensive in-home assessment by a Registered Physiotherapist to determine strength, mobility, transfer capability, flexibility and balance. Please call 613-828-8586 to book as this cannot be booked online.

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