Our Health Centre provides individualized care and treatment.

You don’t need to be a member to book health centre service, however, members enjoy a 10% discount. To book Psychotherapy appointments, please call us at (613) 828-8586


You deserve an active partnership to help build a different kind of life for you.

Mental health isn't a thing that you have - it is a process that you do. Psychotherapy is an active partnership between two human beings. We will work together to help you move towards who and what is actually important to you in your life.

Our mental health clinicians can assist with managing emotions and unhelpful thoughts, learning techniques to better manage your mental health, and identifying skills to support overall mental health in your everyday life.

If you are not sure whether counselling is right for you, call us to book a FAQ about psychotherapy to learn more.

Initial Assessment Intake

1 hour | $100

The first step of counselling is the Initial Assessment. This initial appointment further assesses what types of challenges a person may be dealing with. During this assessment, information will be collected to help determine the appropriate course of treatment and/or which therapist may be best suited to work with you.


1 hour | $130

Clients are able to book counselling appointments by contacting us directly at (613) 828-8586.

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