This Is Healthful's collaborative team is ready to be your complete support system for all your rehabilitation needs. Your team is licensed to provide comprehensive treatment plans for WSIB and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims. In addition, each professional is Blue Cross Registered.

Please click the following links for more specific information: WSIB and MVA Claims

Our comprehensive team provides the following services:

Registered Massage Therapists
Tailored massage therapy treatment programs

Registered Physiotherapists
Individualized assessments and treatment plans

Registered Occupational Therapists

  • Physical, cognitive and perceptual functional assessments

  • Individualized treatment plan to optimize return to daily function

  • BrainFx neurofunctional assessment and interpretation

Registered Dietitians
Nutrition counseling based on the needs of the individual

Registered Kinesiologists
Movement analysis and customized exercise programming

Registered Psychotherapists

  • Assessment of emotional trauma following a MVA

  • Counselling to assist with managing emotions, unhelpful thoughts and developing techniques to better manage mental health

Registered Practical Nurse
Case management and family care coordination

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