Physical and Mental

Sport Performance Camps

This Is Healthful is offering the most comprehensive sport camps on the market today! To improve your performance, you need to do a lot more than simply get stronger and faster. You need to eat right, move right, and think right! Each camp is completely customizable for every sport. 

We welcome organizations, teams, clubs, and individuals. For more information and potential opportunities, please contact Ben at or 613-828-8586.

Services Include

Dry Land And Sport Specific Training

Work with our Registered Kinesiologist and Certified Personal Trainers to maximize your speed, strength, and power. The 60-minute training sessions consist of power, speed, and strength training as well as mobility and flexibility training. This Is Healthful also consults with high level athletes of each sport to ensure maximum results.

Nutrition Workshop

Our Registered Dietitian will provide workshops on the best pre- and post- exercise snacks and meals to maximize energy, performance, and recovery. Each participant will leave with a basic understanding of the reasoning behind their nutrition needs as well as recipes to help get them started. For youth teams and youth organizations we invite parents to attend this workshop.

Functional Movement and Injury Prevention Assessment

The Registered Kinesiologist will perform a Functional Movement Screen, which is based on 7 commonly used movements during training. The Registered Physiotherapist will then complete an Injury Prevention Assessment assessing concerns that may arise during the competitive season. Each participant will leave with a customized program based on the results of the assessments to maximize sport performance and reduce the risk of injury by targeting specific weaknesses and improving mobility.

Concussion Management and Prevention Workshop

Concussions are being diagnosed at a more prevalent rate in adult and youth sport today. Concussions need to be treated carefully and properly. Research and protocols are constantly evolving so it is important to stay up to date on the latest knowledge and research. With the help of our Registered Occupational Therapist and Practical Nurse, you will learn how to identify a concussion, manage the symptoms, and ideally, learn the necessary steps to take to minimize the risk of them from happening in the first place. For youth teams and youth organizations we invite parents to attend this workshop.

Mental Sport Performance Workshop

Athletes and coaches often overlook the importance of mental health and mental sport performance when it comes to being a successful athlete. Our Mental Sport Performance Consultant will provide a workshop on topics chosen by the participants.  Topics may include: Goal setting / motivation / confidence building / emotional control / imagery / attention distraction control / focus / mental practice / teamwork / managing expectation / performance profiling. For youth teams and youth organizations we invite parents to attend this workshop.

Extended Care

Each participant is eligible for 10% off additional services with each of our health specialists: Registered  Physiotherapist, Registered Occupational Therapist, Registered Dietitian, Registered Kinesiologist, Registered Practical Nurse, Mental Sports Performance Consultant, Registered Psychotherapist, as well as our Registered Massage Therapist.

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